About Our Project

Globalization, social inequality, wars, and capitalism have severely impacted various regions of the world, forcing millions of people to seek a better life beyond the borders of their native countries.  Like gaping wounds, borders, now more than ever, are sites of conflict where subject identities are questioned and negotiated through the lens of multiple factors, such as ethnicity, religion, economics, politics, and gender orientation.  Within this scenario, the artistic expression remains an empowering tool and a means to raise consciousness about injustice and oppression taking place across borders worldwide.  Supporting the plight of immigrants and refugees, the work of artists, writers, and musicians serves as a channel of reflection and resistance to the economic and social crises brought along by consumerism and cultural colonization.   Our site aims to showcase their aesthetic vision and critical perspective as manifested in their creative discourse.  It also seeks to contribute to the development of a more egalitarian society, based on the principles of justice and solidarity for all.


Pawel Kuczynski

Visual arts, through its different media, capture the immigrant experience with great accuracy. Challenging the discourse of power, socially committed artists give a face to the millions of immigrants crossing the borders worldwide evading war, poverty, and oppression. To enter the gallery, click here.


Hunger, deportation, drug cartels, trafficking, incarceration, rape, violence, and even death, are some of the many obstacles people face in their journey for safety and economic stability for themselves and their families. Poetry, narrative, and drama focusing on the hurdles and the experiences of asylum seekers and immigrants are invaluable testimonies of human endurance in their quest for survival. To enter the gallery, click here.


Most contemporary music styles and genres are a result of ethnic syncretism and assimilation. Historically, immigrants have brought with them, not only their cultural traditions, but also their music and their instruments, all of which have enriched the global musical landscape, resulting in new musical forms. This is an ongoing process that fosters collaborations across the borders, the languages, and the times. To enter the gallery, click here.